Ses maniere om te ontlaai

Time for change
Say goodbye to stress and its unattractive mix of anxiety, worry and insomnia and hello to a lighter, better adjusted you! Here’s how to start:

Identify your burdens
Put pen to paper and list all the things that you loathe about your life right now. Whether it’s relationship niggles, health concerns, financial worries or your work environment that’s getting you down – pinpoint them all and be specific.

Remember that this is a personal inventory of your stressors that only you will see, so don’t suppress or hold back on how you are feeling.

Eliminate superfluous stressors
Next, make an effort to stamp out things like procrastination, reckless spending and unnecessary commitments that lead to undue stress.

As you tackle and eliminate these stressors, you’ll realise how draining they actually were.

Now take an eagle view of your life. What do you strive to achieve with your life? Which tasks will help you achieve it? Then make those your priority. Everything else will have to take a back seat.

Simplify things
It’s easy.  Don’t make your life more difficult than what it already is.

De-clutter your living space, your diary, your office, your head space…  You’ll be amazed at how much happier and organised you’ll feel.

Accept that you can’t do everything
Stop beating yourself up about issues, tasks and circumstances that are out of your control. If you feel that something is too much – or that you won’t be able to do or finish it on your own – then practice the art of delegating.

Slow down
And finally, learn to take things slow. Instead of dashing through your meals, savour the moment and take pleasure in it. Appreciate and enjoy your friends and family or simply spend more time getting to know yourself.

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  1. Hierdie raad klink maklik, maar van hierdie stappe neem TYD. Bv. om te ontklotter.

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