Maud Bonato

  1. Ouderdom: Age: 43
  2. Beroep: Occupation: Researcher
  3. Huwelikstatus: Marital status:Single
  4. Waar woon jy? Where do you live: Plettenberg Bay
  5. Alleen? Wie saam met jou? (Name is nie nodig nie.) Do you live alone? Yes
  • In watter opsig(te) beskou jy jou situasie tydens inperking as uniek of besonder uitdagend? What do you consider the specific challenges of your situation?

For me it would have to be the insecurity of my job. As we rely heavily on tourism, which under the current lockdown of SA is not allowed, I am worried that the Park will not be able to sustain his research activities should this situation perdures for too long.

  • Hoe het jy gevoel toe die noodtoestand afgekondig is? How did you feel when the state of emergency was first announced?

I thought it was the right thing to do, so as to prevent the virus to spread too fast.

  • Hoe het jy gevoel toe algehele inperking (vlak 5)afgekondig is? How did you feel when total lockdown was announced?

A sense of relief, as I was witnessing what was happening in Europe, and the number of deaths increasing rapidly in what we consider the developped countries. I was afraid of the devastating effect that the virus could have on the population of South Africa. At the same time, I felt guilty as I considered myself lucky to be able to work in the security of my home and to have a bit of savings should I not be able to start my new job (as I was in a transition phase).

  1. Hoe het jy die drie dae direk voor inperking deurgebring? How did you spend the 3 days before total lockdown?

I was already working from home a week before the total lockdown was declared, as I knew from what was happening in other countries that the virus could have already spread everywhere (and because I had that option). I thus made a point to shop in bulk (and early morning) to avoid going to the supermarket too often and when it was too crowded, so that I would have enough food and important items for a month. I also bought fabric masks from the internet, so that I have one for each day of the week, should I have to go out or go back to work. I also packed up all the documents I needed from my office so that I could continue working from home without interruptions. And I decided to adopt a little kitten not only to have company, but also because I thought animal shelters would greatly suffer from the lockdown.

  1. Hoe het jou lewe met inperking op vlak 5 verander?  How dit lockdown at level 5 change your life?

I love working from home as I am always more productive, so in some ways I did welcome this opportunity. Interestingly, it also made me closer to my family (despite the fact that they live in Europe) as I had skype calls everyday from my mum, my grand-father and my dad. We are still keeping to a more regular routine with skype calls than before the pandemic happened, especially with my dad with whom I still have daily skype calls despite the fact that they are not under restrictions anymore.

  1. Wat was die moeilikste tydens vlak 5? What did you find very difficult at level 5?

The only thing I really missed was not be able to move freely and to be able to go for a walk so as to get a bit of exercise. I also miss not to be able to go to restaurants, and visit my friends.

  1. Wat is vir jou positief tydens vlak 5? What did you experience as positive at level 5?

To be able to work from home. Eventhough I was living at the time in a small town, I enjoyed being able to plan my day from home, not to have to dress up/put make up on and drive to work every day.

  1. Hoe het die mense gevaar wat saam met jou ingeperk was? Not appliccable.
  1. Hoe het jy die verlenging van vlak 5 ervaar? How dit you experience the extension of level 5?

I was a bit worried that I would not be able to start my new job, as travel was not allowed under level 5. I then had to make decisions on what to do next should I not be able to start my new job, so that I have a bit of liquidity to sustqin myself for a few months.

  1. Wat het jy die meeste gemis op vlak 5? What did you miss most at level 5?

The only thing I miss from level 5 is to work 100% of the time from home.

  1. Hoe het die verandering na vlak 4 jou geraak? How did the change to level 4 affect you?

Level 4 allowed me to move to a new place and to start my new job, as originally planned. I also enjoyed being able to go for a walk every morning.

  1. Waaroor was jy bly met die verlaging na vlak 4? What made you happy about the change to level 4?

I was particularly happy to be able to go for a walk every morning and not be confined to just my little garden. Level 4 also allowed me to apply for a relocation permit, so I knew I would be able to move to my new place of work.

  1. Waaroor was jy kwaad met die verlaging na vlak 4? What made you angry about the change to level 4?       

Angry might be a strong word, but I was a bit disapointed and worried that the hours for exercising were so limited, as I expected there will be too many people in the streets for my liking. Also, we were still not allowed to buy alcohol, and in winter times, I do enjoy having a glass of red wine some times to times! J

  • Is jy iemand wat voor inperking gereeld geoefen het? Did you exercise regularly before lockdown?

Yes I tried to go on walks regularly and sometimes to the Parkrun.

  • Het jy tydens vlak 5 geoefen? Did you exercise during level 5?

I tried to do yoga and stretching exercises, but that was about it.

  • Hoe het jy dit gedoen? If you did, how did you do it?

I used videos available on youtube mostly and tried to keep to a routine of once a day.

  • Hoe het jy die drie ure oefentyd op vlak 4 ervaar? How did you experience the three hours to exercise at level 4?

I think it was too short, considering that it was winter, and not necessarily safe as a woman to exercise in the dark.

  • Hoe het die verlaging na vlak 3 jou geraak? How did the change to level 3 affect you?

I enjoyed the fact that we were a bit more free of our movements. Restaurants, markets were allowed to open for picking up food or grocery items. We were allowed to buy wine again, and to exercise at any time of the day.

  • Waaroor was jy bly toe vlak 3 aanbreek? What made you happy at level 3?

I was very happy to be able to go to a farmer’s market at my new place of residence, and to be able to shop locally grown and organic products.

  • Waaroor was jy kwaad toe vlak 3 aanbreek? What made you angry at level 3?

Mostly the fact that leisure travel was still not allowed. I believe if the right sanitary measures are in place (social distance, masks) we should be able to travel at least within the province.

  • Hoe vaar jy op hierdie stadium (na 100 dae) oor die algemeen emosioneel? How do you fare emotionally at 100 days?

Surpringly good! I think this is because I was able to start with the new job, and to at least experience some aspects of the new place I am now living in. I do miss not being able to see and visit my friends though.

  • Is jy finansieel erg geraak? Have you been affected financially?

Slightly yes, as I am not currently working all my hours, due to the fact that my new job in related to the tourism industry which is not fully open.

  • Wat is nou vir jou die moeilikste? What is the most difficult for you at day 100?

Not being able to go and visit my friends.

  • Wat kan jy uit die ervaring haal wat positief is? What positive things can you find in the situation?

I am grateful to have a job, a roof, and a salary (even if slightly reduced)…

  • Bly jy op datum met die Covid 19-situasie in SA?  Do you keep on track with the Covid 19 situation in SA?

Yes everyday I checked the number of new cases, number of recoveries and number of deaths.

  • Deur watter medium? Hoe gereeld kyk/luister jy na nuus oor Covid 19? Which news media do you use? How often do you use it?

Mostly News 24, which I cheched at least twice a day.

  • Hoe beïnvloed die voortdurende nuus oor die virus jou emosioneel? What is the emotional effect of the stream of news about Covid 19 on you?

I have learnt to detach myself of potential emotional effect of the stream of news. I tend to be positive in all circumstances, and if I see it starts to drain me, then I stop looking at it.

  • Bly jy op hoogte van die oorsese situasie? Do you stay updated about the situation overseas?

Yes, as my family is in Europe (and a few of my family members are considered  part of the categogy of people at risks – either because of advanced age or underlying medical conditions-)

  • Is daar spesifieke lande waarin jy belangstel? Are you interested in the situation in specific countries?

Yes I am particularly interested in the situation in France. Eventhough the pandemic appears to be under control, there is a few clusters now and there which could lead to a second wave.

  • Hoekom? Why?

Because my family members and old friends are living in France. I am particularly worried about family members who are part of the “at risks’ group, either because of advanced age of medical conditions.

  • Hoe beïnvloed die stygende sterftesyfer in SA  jou? How does the increasing death rate in SA affect you?

At this stage, I am not too worried, because it is still far from what other and “more developed” countries have experienced. If we look at the graphs depicting the number of deaths from last year and resulting this year from Covid-19, there is so far no excess of deaths…but I am looking closely at the evolution of the situation.

  • Wat sou jy anders doen as jy nou die ervaring van vooraf kon begin? What would you do differently if you could start from scratch?

I would buy more wine before the start of the hard lockdown!! J And I would tell my mum to go get my grand-pa so that he can stay with them during the lockdown in France, and not all alone in his flat.

  • Wat sal jy presies dieselfde doen as jy van vooraf kon begin? What would you do the same?

I would keep shopping efficiently, keep wearing my mask, and obeying to the directions of the government (even if some of these rules do not make much sense to me – aka not being able to walk on the beach!!-).

  • Ken jy iemand wat Covid 19 opgedoen en herstel het? Do you personally know somebody who have recovered from the virus?

No I am fortunate in the sense that I do not know of someone who caught the virus, as yet.

  • Het iemand na aan jou al aan Covid 19 gesterf? Do you know somebody who has died from the virus?