Feite oor hakkel

  • 1% of the world is afflicted with stuttering, thats approximately 66 million worldwide.
  • Despite decades of research, experts cannot determine the cause of stuttering. However, there is no proven link between childhood trauma or parenting.
  • There is no known cure for stuttering. There are many therapies available but they require hard work and perserverance.
  • Different people stutter to varying degrees. Some are more severe to the listener, overt stutterers, whereas others hide their stutter very well, these people are known as covert stutterers.
  • Four times as many males are affected than females.
  • Generally people do not stutter when they sing, whisper or speak in chorus.
  • Although stuttering may seem like a relatively superficial problem, for the stutterer it can influence career choices, relationships and all aspects of daily speaking life.
  • Many famous people have stuttered including Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Willis and , more recently, Gareth Gates. Gareth is now an instructor on the McGuire Programme.

One response to “Feite oor hakkel

  1. Willie

    10/11/2011 at 04:49

    Als bogenoemde is waar, ma waar kry ek hulp asb, want my lewe staan stil.


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