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Wees slimmer as jou slimfoon!

SlimfoonMy oudste trek nou heel toevallig met sy blog by die maniere waarop ons tegnologie kan bestuur:

The smartphone is one of the sharpest parts on the double-edged sword of the digital revolution.

It put the world at our fingertips, but, in so doing, it created the most distracted and overwhelmed generation ever.

As always, today’s post is all about swiping right on the good and left the bad.


As the world is finally cracking down on smoking, saving millions of lives, a new addiction is quickly filling that void: notifications

Addiction is horrible for the user, but great for sales and even better for profits. Tobacco companies exploited this despicable marketing strategy for decades. Now it’s the turn of app developers.

And notifications lie at the heart of this digital addiction: that hypnotic “ping” or alluring little number on an icon telling you that someone liked the selfie you just posted.

Indeed, notifications are highly addictive and extraordinarily distracting.

Turn them off.

All of them (including email).

Your phone should only demand your attention for calls, texts and important reminders.  

Addictive apps

There are countless apps out there that essentially sell distraction. Why on Earth would the most distracted generation in history pay good money for more distraction?

Simple: addiction.

Here’s a simple 3-step digital detox strategy:

  1. Classify: Carefully consider each installed app and classify it as either essential or addictive.
  2. Clean: Delete all addictive apps without which you’ll still be able to breathe.
  3. Rearrange: Shift apps around as follows:
    1. Essential apps on the home screen
    2. Non-classified apps on the next screen (so you have to swipe at least once to see them)
    3. Addictive apps you literally can’t live without on the last screen (so they’re multiple swipes away)


A smartphone is great for getting information on demand, but there are many tasks where your PC is a way better tool.

Here are three examples of badly inefficient smartphone tasks:

  1. Writing longer messages, emails or documents.
  2. Doing serious online research (you phone is OK for some of life’s big questions like why dogs eat grass and cats are scared of cucumbers).
  3. Online shopping.

Who owns who?

Do you own your phone or is it the other way around? Be honest now…

If you’re in full control of when you use this digital tool, you’re the owner and all is well.

If this digital tool regularly takes control of your actions, you’re the owned and have a serious problem.

Rule your phone with an iron first that will make the world’s worst dictators squirm. There should be no doubt about who’s the boss 😉


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Kies die eenvoud!

“Broadly speaking, we can define two ways to maintain the productivity of our most precious asset (your own body and mind) in the developed world today: consumerism and voluntary simplicity.

If you choose consumerism, you will probably see things like a massive house, many fancy cars, a huge and regularly renewed arsenal of electronic gadgets and regular exotic holidays as essential to maintaining the productivity (happiness) of this asset of yours.

If you choose voluntary simplicity, however, you will suddenly find that you need none of these things and that you now have a lot more time and money with which to pursue the things most closely linked to happiness and longevity: optimal health, nourishing personal relationships and free creative expression.”

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Is jy ‘n kandidaat?

Hierdie artikel oor chroniese stres Read the rest of this entry »


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Random gedagtes: Hoe om gelukkig te wees!

Eindelik – hier het ons Die Antwoord! (Nee, nee, nie daaaaai Antwoord nie!). Volgens rsg (Tjailatyd met Amoré) het navorsers nou bevind dis baie eenvoudig wat die verskil is tussen gelukkige en ongelukkige mense. En vir my maak dit volkome sin.
So eenvoudig: Wanneer jou gedagtes op iets spesifieks gefokus is, voel jy gelukkig. Waarskynlik verkieslik iets waarmee jy besig is wat jou interesseer of vir jou belangrik is.
Wanneer jou gedagtes ronddwaal en jy begin tob oor allerhande goed, verdwyn die gevoel van geluk. Presies wat ek seker al ‘n miljoen keer reggekry het.
Jip, baie eenvoudig. Nou vir die toepassing …


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Ses maniere om te ontlaai

Falling back into old habits? Here are our top 6 de-stress tips, guaranteed to lighten your load!

Procrastination, taking on too many tasks, overspending, unrealistic goals… these sound familiar?

If we all know about the effects of stress and the sizeable toll it imposes on us emotionally, then why do we continue the debilitating trend that led so many of us to near failure in 2009?

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