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Net een treetjie op ‘n slag is nodig

everydaymaynotbe-min2Die idee van “mini-habits” of selfs “atomic habits” is deesdae oral om ons. Doodeenvoudig: Stel vir jouself sulke klein doelwitte dat jy feitlik nie kan misluk nie. Sodoende verseker jy eintlik jou sukses en word dit soveel makliker om vol te hou met wat jy ook al wil verbeter in jou lewe. Hier is die idee van net met 1% verbeter in ‘n week:
(Moenie skrik vir die grafiek nie – jy kan hom maar ignoreer ook! 🙂 )

A 1% improvement sounds like nothing, right? Anyone could become 1% better in a week if they tried.

However, when you unleash the superpower of consistency on this simple idea, it takes on a whole new form. The numbers tell the story:

  • Improve by 1% every week for a year and you’ll be 66% better. Not bad.
  • 2 years? 179%.
  • 5 years? Thanks to the power of compounding, 5 years of 1% weekly improvements will make you a whopping 13 times better!
  • After 15 years (only a third of a standard career), it gets pretty ridiculous: 2325 times better! Now we are getting to the realm of billionaires, presidents and great inventors.

These numbers told me to end each Supermorning week with a 1% improvement post. So, here are my top 3 improvements over the past week:

  1. Started this blog and kept to my daily post commitment
  2. Totally clean eating habits and 10 hours of light-to-moderate exercise
  3. Published an article in the largest publication on Medium

In fact, this week was much more than 1% improvement 🙂 You can see the sharp upwards spike in my daily consistency data below (the little red bit). I really hope I can maintain this performance!

Did you grow your 1% this week? Any plans for how you can grow 1% next week? Feel free to share – a little commitment here could make a big difference!

The graph shows my cumulative performance against a target of 35 points daily. Up to now, I have only been averaging a bit more than 33 points per day, hence the slow downwards trend. 33 points per day is still good, but I really want to get back above the 35 point target!

Week 1 of getting 1% better



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Goed begin is half gewin!

SonopEk het oor baie jare heen op die harde manier geleer dat my dag grootliks bepaal word deur hoe ek hom begin. Dalk het ek ‘n bietjie gehelp dat my liewe kind dit soveel vinniger geleer het en dit nou in so ‘n mooi projek kan omsit. Hier is die betrokke post, met die skakel heel onder:

Win the morning, win the day

Cliché, but true. We all know this, but very few of us manage to do it with any degree of consistency.

Perhaps part of the reason is that we have never really stopped to think about why it’s so important.

So, let’s do that now. Imagine you’re in a maze with doors all around you. When you go through one door, you are faced with several new doors to choose from. This will be our life analogy for the day.

Yes, each day is a series of choices. And each choice we make shapes the next choices available to us. 

The diagram on the right shows why it is so important to start the day with the right choices. If you screw up the first couple of choices, the day is likely to be a mess.

We’ve all been there. Snooze the alarm, run late for work, skip breakfast, run out of energy, grab some unhealthy snacks, get home tired and frustrated, snap unnecessarily at a loved one, sooth the pain with some empty calories and equally empty entertainment, get to bed way too late, repeat.

On the other hand, starting the day right makes it so much easier to have a great day.And a great life is simply a long series of great days.

We’ll talk a lot more about morning routines in coming posts. But for now, let’s just start with building the habit of giving ourselves a fair shot at a great day by getting our asses up and running at the same time each morning (discussed yesterday).

Why not give this a try? A new post will be waiting for you every morning, giving you one minute of quiet reflection before life starts happening.

Win the morning, win the day



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Kies die eenvoud!

“Broadly speaking, we can define two ways to maintain the productivity of our most precious asset (your own body and mind) in the developed world today: consumerism and voluntary simplicity.

If you choose consumerism, you will probably see things like a massive house, many fancy cars, a huge and regularly renewed arsenal of electronic gadgets and regular exotic holidays as essential to maintaining the productivity (happiness) of this asset of yours.

If you choose voluntary simplicity, however, you will suddenly find that you need none of these things and that you now have a lot more time and money with which to pursue the things most closely linked to happiness and longevity: optimal health, nourishing personal relationships and free creative expression.”

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Klein juweeltjie: Oudword

Die beste beskerming teen depressie en onvergenoegdheid
in die ouderdom is om in jou jonger jare
reeds ‘n wye perspektief op die lewe aan te kweek
en intellektueel soepel te bly
deur wye belangstellings te kweek.
Anders as met ons liggame,
gaan ons gees nie noodwendig die afdraande pad
met die stygende jare nie.
Wie besig bly met dinge buite hulleself,
wie hul gees vul met die herinnering aan God se liefde en trou,
en hulle gemoed met vriendskap en boeke en musiek voed,
bly jonk ook in hulle ouderdom.
WB Wolfe


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Ses maniere om te ontlaai

Falling back into old habits? Here are our top 6 de-stress tips, guaranteed to lighten your load!

Procrastination, taking on too many tasks, overspending, unrealistic goals… these sound familiar?

If we all know about the effects of stress and the sizeable toll it imposes on us emotionally, then why do we continue the debilitating trend that led so many of us to near failure in 2009?

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