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The world’s worst foods: Empty calorie fats

CupcakeToday’s discussion is closely related to yesterday’s post on empty calorie carbs. But there are a couple of important peculiarities about the health impacts of these fatty treats… 

What’s so bad about empty calorie fats?

Just like empty calorie carbs, empty calorie fats give your body plenty of fuel, but no nutrients to repair the damages from burning this fuel. In the long run, this causes serious damage to the body – much like an engine that is run without oil changes and other maintenance.

There’s one type of empty calorie fat that is especially hazardous: trans fats. These fats are mostly found in margarine, shortening and vegetable oil – and any food that contains (or is fried in) these ingredients.

Luckily, the authorities are acting to outlaw this dangerous ingredient, but it’s worth checking the labels of fatty foods just to be sure.

After trans fats, saturated fat is the most problematic. Food labels also state the amount of saturated fat in any food, so this information is readily available to you.

Most sources put the safe limit of saturated fat at or slightly below 20 g per day. Go beyond that, and you will increase your risk of heart disease. Cancer is also associated with diets high in saturated fats.

Other fats (mono and polyunsaturated fats) are generally quite good for you and can represent 30-40% of your calorie intake without problems.

Some examples of empty calorie fats

Any food where the label lists plenty of fat (especially saturated fat) and virtually no nutrients fall in this category. Here are some examples:

  • Chips
  • Cake and icing
  • Cream and ice cream
  • Biscuits and crackers
  • Mayonnaise
  • Arguably also milk chocolate and bacon

Much like empty calorie carbs, the big problem is that these foods are truly delicious. Therefore, we’ll spend some time later in this chapter to build our defenses against these carefully engineered addictions.

But don’t worry, there won’t be any expectations to never eat any delicious treat ever again 🙂 Like most things in life, we just need a healthy balance.


The world’s worst foods: Empty calorie fats

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Boikot Black Friday!

Green FridayTake part in the “Green Friday” consumer strike to save the planet on November 29th! #GreenFriday

Major retailers use “Black Friday” as an opportunity to sell us an ideology of wasteful and exploitative consumerism. Many of us (all around the world) have seen or experienced the dystopian phenomenon of rabid shopping craze on this day promoted by the global corporations who continue to plunder the Earth to bring us next years landfill.

Each year we are sold products built to break or become unwanted, out of fashion, due to planned redundancy so we are forced to keep perpetually consuming and extracting new resources; all to fuel the suicidal capitalist contradiction of infinite growth on a finite planet.

Black Friday sucks the life out of small businesses, who cannot compete against this ruthless price cutting.

This year, on November 29th we are calling on you to take a stand for the planet and your local community by refusing to give any of your hard earned money to this corrupt financial system. By taking part we will be affecting these companies where it hurts them the most, in their profit margins.

Looking for something else to do on the 29th?

Take part in climate strike protest in your area or help out with mutual aid projects such as food not bombs, repair workshops and free shops being organised by Earth Strike and allied groups.

Together we can build the new world in the shell of the old!

“Modern industrial society robs us of community with each other and community with the earth. This creates a great longing inside us, which we are taught to fill with consumer goods. But consumer goods, beyond those needed for basic comfort and survival, are not really what we crave. So our appetite is insatiable, and we turn to more and more efficient and dehumanizing methods of production to make more and more goods that do not satisfy us. If workers really had control of the factories (and I say this as a former factory worker), they would start by smashing the machines and finding a more humane way to decide what we need and how to produce it.” – Judi Bari

#EarthStrike #GreenFriday #FFF #ConsumerStrike #BND #BuyNothingDay


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Kliniek toe!

20180606_125256Amper ‘n jaar gelede het ek eindelik ingegee en my in ‘n kliniek vir depressie laat opneem – een van die beste besluite van my lewe. Hieronder is die stukkie wat later daaroor in rooirose verskyn het. Dis baie persoonlik en dis steeds moeilik om dit te deel, maar ek doen dit in die hoop dat dit iemand wat op die rand van ‘n afgrond staan, kan help om ook daardie stap te neem.
NS. ‘n Vriendin het vir my dié blomme gestuur. Ek was een van die min pasiënte wat blomme gekry het – terwyl gewone hospitaalkamers gewoonlik oorloop van blomme. Dit sê iets oor die stigma wat nog aan opname vir geestesiektes kleef. Dis elkeen van ons se plig om teen daardie stigma te veg. 

“Ek kan nie, ek kan nie!” Ek staan op my knieë langs my bed en skree magteloos in die matras in.

Op hierdie stadium is daar heelwat goed wat ek nie meer kan doen nie. Ek kan nie meer maklik lag nie. Ek sukkel om dankbaar te wees. Ek vind dit moeilik om op te hou as ek trooskos te ete kry. Ek kan kwalik die energie bymekaar skraap om soggens uit die bed te kom. My woorde het opgedroog, ek is nie meer ‘n goeie geselser nie.

Net my goeie man sien my in my nood, maar hy is magteloos om my te help.

Ek weet lankal dis net ek wat myself kan help. Vir jare het ek dit redelik goed reggekry, soms selfs uitstekend. Leefstylkeuses het ‘n groot invloed op depressie. Wat jy eet, of jy oefen, of jy iets doen wat jou lewe sinvol laat voel, of jy goeie menseverhoudings het, dit alles kan Read the rest of this entry »


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Braaivleis mielietert

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Hierop het my manne so mooi grootgeword!


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Earn your creative freedom

Earn your creative freedom

Lees hier wat my wyse oudste te sê het oor die greep wat die verbruikersamelewing op ons het, die effek daarvan en hoe om die bose siklus te verbreek:

One in a Billion

In the previous post, we talked about how out of place the primitive human mind is in our modern world. Overeating was used as an example of a natural effect of this situation, but many other self-destructive behaviors also stem from this source. In my experience, the one and only sustainable remedy to this unfortunate situation is creative flow.

Creation is the polar opposite of destruction, making it an obvious way to stop self-destructive behaviors. I’m sure that everyone reading this has been in that blissful state of creative flow where your body secretes happiness hormones without the aid of food, alcohol, social media, retail therapy or any other form of consumption.

Unfortunately, our primitive minds keep the vast majority of the population very far away from this ideal. Since most people remain stuck in a mindset of scarcity, our society still chases happiness through consumption. This perception…

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