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Die wereld is vol wonderlike dinge – en mense …

The world’s worst foods: Empty calorie fats

CupcakeToday’s discussion is closely related to yesterday’s post on empty calorie carbs. But there are a couple of important peculiarities about the health impacts of these fatty treats… 

What’s so bad about empty calorie fats?

Just like empty calorie carbs, empty calorie fats give your body plenty of fuel, but no nutrients to repair the damages from burning this fuel. In the long run, this causes serious damage to the body – much like an engine that is run without oil changes and other maintenance.

There’s one type of empty calorie fat that is especially hazardous: trans fats. These fats are mostly found in margarine, shortening and vegetable oil – and any food that contains (or is fried in) these ingredients.

Luckily, the authorities are acting to outlaw this dangerous ingredient, but it’s worth checking the labels of fatty foods just to be sure.

After trans fats, saturated fat is the most problematic. Food labels also state the amount of saturated fat in any food, so this information is readily available to you.

Most sources put the safe limit of saturated fat at or slightly below 20 g per day. Go beyond that, and you will increase your risk of heart disease. Cancer is also associated with diets high in saturated fats.

Other fats (mono and polyunsaturated fats) are generally quite good for you and can represent 30-40% of your calorie intake without problems.

Some examples of empty calorie fats

Any food where the label lists plenty of fat (especially saturated fat) and virtually no nutrients fall in this category. Here are some examples:

  • Chips
  • Cake and icing
  • Cream and ice cream
  • Biscuits and crackers
  • Mayonnaise
  • Arguably also milk chocolate and bacon

Much like empty calorie carbs, the big problem is that these foods are truly delicious. Therefore, we’ll spend some time later in this chapter to build our defenses against these carefully engineered addictions.

But don’t worry, there won’t be any expectations to never eat any delicious treat ever again 🙂 Like most things in life, we just need a healthy balance.


The world’s worst foods: Empty calorie fats

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Boikot Black Friday!

Green FridayTake part in the “Green Friday” consumer strike to save the planet on November 29th! #GreenFriday

Major retailers use “Black Friday” as an opportunity to sell us an ideology of wasteful and exploitative consumerism. Many of us (all around the world) have seen or experienced the dystopian phenomenon of rabid shopping craze on this day promoted by the global corporations who continue to plunder the Earth to bring us next years landfill.

Each year we are sold products built to break or become unwanted, out of fashion, due to planned redundancy so we are forced to keep perpetually consuming and extracting new resources; all to fuel the suicidal capitalist contradiction of infinite growth on a finite planet.

Black Friday sucks the life out of small businesses, who cannot compete against this ruthless price cutting.

This year, on November 29th we are calling on you to take a stand for the planet and your local community by refusing to give any of your hard earned money to this corrupt financial system. By taking part we will be affecting these companies where it hurts them the most, in their profit margins.

Looking for something else to do on the 29th?

Take part in climate strike protest in your area or help out with mutual aid projects such as food not bombs, repair workshops and free shops being organised by Earth Strike and allied groups.

Together we can build the new world in the shell of the old!

“Modern industrial society robs us of community with each other and community with the earth. This creates a great longing inside us, which we are taught to fill with consumer goods. But consumer goods, beyond those needed for basic comfort and survival, are not really what we crave. So our appetite is insatiable, and we turn to more and more efficient and dehumanizing methods of production to make more and more goods that do not satisfy us. If workers really had control of the factories (and I say this as a former factory worker), they would start by smashing the machines and finding a more humane way to decide what we need and how to produce it.” – Judi Bari

#EarthStrike #GreenFriday #FFF #ConsumerStrike #BND #BuyNothingDay


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Net een treetjie op ‘n slag is nodig

everydaymaynotbe-min2Die idee van “mini-habits” of selfs “atomic habits” is deesdae oral om ons. Doodeenvoudig: Stel vir jouself sulke klein doelwitte dat jy feitlik nie kan misluk nie. Sodoende verseker jy eintlik jou sukses en word dit soveel makliker om vol te hou met wat jy ook al wil verbeter in jou lewe. Hier is die idee van net met 1% verbeter in ‘n week:
(Moenie skrik vir die grafiek nie – jy kan hom maar ignoreer ook! 🙂 )

A 1% improvement sounds like nothing, right? Anyone could become 1% better in a week if they tried.

However, when you unleash the superpower of consistency on this simple idea, it takes on a whole new form. The numbers tell the story:

  • Improve by 1% every week for a year and you’ll be 66% better. Not bad.
  • 2 years? 179%.
  • 5 years? Thanks to the power of compounding, 5 years of 1% weekly improvements will make you a whopping 13 times better!
  • After 15 years (only a third of a standard career), it gets pretty ridiculous: 2325 times better! Now we are getting to the realm of billionaires, presidents and great inventors.

These numbers told me to end each Supermorning week with a 1% improvement post. So, here are my top 3 improvements over the past week:

  1. Started this blog and kept to my daily post commitment
  2. Totally clean eating habits and 10 hours of light-to-moderate exercise
  3. Published an article in the largest publication on Medium

In fact, this week was much more than 1% improvement 🙂 You can see the sharp upwards spike in my daily consistency data below (the little red bit). I really hope I can maintain this performance!

Did you grow your 1% this week? Any plans for how you can grow 1% next week? Feel free to share – a little commitment here could make a big difference!

The graph shows my cumulative performance against a target of 35 points daily. Up to now, I have only been averaging a bit more than 33 points per day, hence the slow downwards trend. 33 points per day is still good, but I really want to get back above the 35 point target!

Week 1 of getting 1% better



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Goed begin is half gewin!

SonopEk het oor baie jare heen op die harde manier geleer dat my dag grootliks bepaal word deur hoe ek hom begin. Dalk het ek ‘n bietjie gehelp dat my liewe kind dit soveel vinniger geleer het en dit nou in so ‘n mooi projek kan omsit. Hier is die betrokke post, met die skakel heel onder:

Win the morning, win the day

Cliché, but true. We all know this, but very few of us manage to do it with any degree of consistency.

Perhaps part of the reason is that we have never really stopped to think about why it’s so important.

So, let’s do that now. Imagine you’re in a maze with doors all around you. When you go through one door, you are faced with several new doors to choose from. This will be our life analogy for the day.

Yes, each day is a series of choices. And each choice we make shapes the next choices available to us. 

The diagram on the right shows why it is so important to start the day with the right choices. If you screw up the first couple of choices, the day is likely to be a mess.

We’ve all been there. Snooze the alarm, run late for work, skip breakfast, run out of energy, grab some unhealthy snacks, get home tired and frustrated, snap unnecessarily at a loved one, sooth the pain with some empty calories and equally empty entertainment, get to bed way too late, repeat.

On the other hand, starting the day right makes it so much easier to have a great day.And a great life is simply a long series of great days.

We’ll talk a lot more about morning routines in coming posts. But for now, let’s just start with building the habit of giving ourselves a fair shot at a great day by getting our asses up and running at the same time each morning (discussed yesterday).

Why not give this a try? A new post will be waiting for you every morning, giving you one minute of quiet reflection before life starts happening.

Win the morning, win the day



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Die geheim tot ‘n beter lewe!

Blink idee gloeilampSo, you want to know the secret?

Here it is: simply do the right things (and avoid doing the wrong things) day after day, week after week, year after year. 

Yeah, I know this sounds like state-the-obvious for beginners, but just bear with me for a few more lines.

We all know right from wrong. Eat apples, not chocolates. Work on that important project, don’t binge the latest Netflix series. Save for retirement, don’t splurge on another electronic gadget you don’t really need.

Yet, we keep on doing the wrong stuff. Why? Because it gives instant pleasure. Yes, we know there will be pain down the road, but when that chocolate cake looks at us with those big brown eyes, we must devour it.

It’s basic instinct.

Luckily, human beings are capable of controlling their basic instincts. Willpower is essentially useless in this battle, but there is a tried and tested solution: intelligent design.

Designing a life where you are in control will be a recurring theme on this blog. But for now, let’s start with the simplest of habits that lies at the foundation to a good life:

Monday 1-minute action: Set a constant sleep and wake time on your phone

If you have an iPhone, just visit the bedtime function of the clock. Android users need to install an app like “Sleep as Android” or simply set two recurring alarms: one for bedtime and one for waking up.

Go on. Just do it. Just for tonight…

Then join me tomorrow morning as I try to convince you to go for another day.

Die oorspronklike post is hier te sien:


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My oudste gebruik sy eie en my swaarkry om met hierdie konsep vorendag te kom: Die eenvoudige gedagte dat jou dag soveel beter is wanneer jy die oggend op die regte/beste manier begin.

SupermanhondjieSuperheros have been part of our culture forever. In the old days, they shaped mythology. More recently, they commanded a dedicated group of comic-book fans. And today, they have taken over the silver screen.

Why do we love superheros so much? Aside from awesome action and special effects, they offer a unique brand of escapism into a world where people can fly, teleport or shoot lasers out of their eyes.

Sadly, the real world is much more bland and boring. But it has its own bland and boring superpower: consistency. As unsexy as it sounds, this amazing superpower can give you everything you want out of life.

Consistency is the power to command your own body and mind. Very few people have mastered this dormant superpower within them. That’s why so few of us are in great shape, financially free and performing at our true potential.

But the good news is that anyone can awaken this awesome power that lies within. This origin moment is an important part of every superhero story – a story that can also be yours!

My hope is that this blog can give you your own origin moment and help push you through the subsequent training montage. Since we are stuck in the real world, it will take a couple of years, not a couple of minutes like in the movies. But the results can be just as magical.

As homage to the superpower of consistency, I will consistently publish a daily post that will arrive in your inbox at 6 am (GMT +2). This quick 1-2 minute read will provide a little nudge in the right direction every single morning.

And as these little nudges accumulate, your own superpower of consistency will take form.

Oorspronklike post by:



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2017: Die oppe en die affe

Sommer ‘n klompie random gedagtes, in geen spesifieke volgorde nie. Net vir ingeval dit vir iemand iets kan beteken, nie om te wys hoe oulik ek is nie. Want ek is nie. Ek is ‘n soekende siel wat hard probeer sin maak uit die lewe.

  • My alreeds leë nes het emosioneel gesproke nog leër geword. Dit was miskien die moeilikste ding van die jaar. ‘n Troue plus ‘n tesis het sy tol geëis. Maar ek is vasberade om nie ‘n needy ma te wees nie. Al bars dit.
  • Twee familielede ‘n maand uitmekaar verloor. Albei skokkend onverwags. Intens bewus van verganklikheid en die tydelikheid van alles en almal.
  • Die gevaar van selfbejammering deeglik besef. Siestog, arme ek sonder kleinkinders – en met geen kind in die land nie. Maklikste manier om jouself die afgrond in te stuur.
  • Die krag van dankbaarheid. Al moet jy dit forseer. Tree vir tree soggens terwyl die lyf én die gees nog in die bed wil lê en hulself jammer kry: Dan-kie-dan-kie-dan-kie …
  • Die gevoel van buite beheer wees wat angs meebring. Skrikwekkend.
  • Die genade van die regte medikasie.
  • Die genade om te sien my besluit om voorlopig op romanses te konsentreer, was die Romanse in Rock_low reskorrekte een. Die skryf en publikasie van ‘n paar plesierige liefdesverhaaltjies met lieflike, feilbare helde (feilbaar, maar steeds beeldskoon).
  • Die geleentheid van Lapa om verskillende lengtes verhale te skryf (novelle vir tydskrif, kort romanse vir Romanza Singles en lang SuperRomanza). Dit kom neer daarop om teen verskillende tempo’s elke keer die held en heldin GELOOFWAARDIG by mekaar uit te bring. Jy kan nie die storie bloot vroeër of later afsny nie. Die storie moet sy natuurlike loop neem en tot ‘n bevredigende einde kom teen die regte woordtelling. Nie so maklik nie.
  • Die voorreg om elke keer ‘n lieflike held te skep, heerlik op hom verlief te raak – en te weet my ware held is steeds fiks en gesond en kom saans steeds getrou huis toe.
  • Die lekkerte van ‘n bundeltjie met drie van my ouer romanses in een.
  • My geliefde Springsteen het voortgegaan om nuwe uitdagings die hoof te bied en 2013 Heroes 2.jpgmy te inspireer. Die grasie waarmee hy sy solo-vertonings op Broadway hanteer het my laat voel ek kan dan seker my ou klein stappies vorentoe ook aangryp.
  • Een hiervan was die optree as onderhoudsvoerder by ‘n ander skrywer se boekbekendstelling. En volgende jaar dieselfde by die Woordfees. Met ‘n manlike skrywer wat ek nie persoonlik ken nie.
  • ‘n Paar keer se wegsink in die dieptes van depressie. En genadiglik elke keer weer die opstaan en gryp na die lig. Mens leer die lig regtig, egtig waardeer.
  • Die skokkende effek wat die selfdood van Dana Snyman se verloofde op my gehad het. (Ek ken nie vir hom of haar persoonlik nie, maar ek ken sy skryfwerk goed.) Dit het my laat wonder oor die effek van ander mense se selfdood op depressievegters in die algemeen. Ek vermoed dit word heeltemal onderskat.
  • My leesprojek in die hospitaal het ‘n paar oppe en heelwat affe gehad. Dis nie so maklik om tweeuur op ‘n somermiddag aan te tree as niemand jou kontroleer nie, niemand jou toejuig nie en niemand ekstaties reageer op jou storietjie nie. (Die kinders is dikwels so getraumatiseer dat hulle min reaksie toon.) ‘n Blinkigheidjie in die ogies, ‘n skelm glimlag is dikwels my enigste beloning. Maar dan is daar die enetjie wat skaterlag vir die storie en die enetjie wie se ma entoesiasties vir hom die Xhosa-woorde sê as ek die prentjies wys.
  • ‘n Klein stukkie van die wêreld in ‘n staatshospitaal het voor my oopgegaan. Dis ‘n harde wêreld met baie moeë ma’s wat dae en weke langs hul kinders se bed omwag op die wiele om stadig te draai. Sonder iets om te doen, dikwels sonder enige ondersteuningsisteem.
  • My en ‘n vriendin se voorleesprojek by twee speelskole in die township het gemengde vreugde gebring. Die kinders is versorg en vrolik en gretig vir stories. Maar o, vandag se kiddies is woelig!
  • My werk met graad R-kleintjies wat agter is, het my hart gebreek. En my die gesig van ‘n skool in die township gewys. Daar is goeie en slegte kante aan daardie gesig. Daar is veral baie blink ogies wat aandag soek, liefde soek, stimulasie soek. Daar is talle kleintjies wat net met intensiewe begeleiding (miskien) suksesvol deur hulle skooljare gaan kom. Ek is glad nie seker ek het ‘n betekenisvolle verskil gemaak nie. Maar ten minste het hulle ‘n uur per week se liefdevolle aandag en stimulasie gekry, al is dit ‘n druppel in ‘n groot, groot see.


  • My betrokkenheid by Paarl Homeless Cats het nog ‘n nuwe wêreld vir my oopgemaak. Ja, daar is mense wat hulle tyd (en geld) opoffer om katte wat niemand wil hê nie, te versorg, met moeite te vang en te laat steriliseer. Daar is mense wat wilde babakatte foster en makmaak en vir hulle huise soek. Daar is goeie siele by besighede wat rondloperkatte voer en ons kontak vir die vang en die steri. Ja, daar is ‘n veearts wat dikwels ‘n Saterdag opoffer om katte teen die minimumkoste te “doen.”
  • Onvermydelik het ek ontdek my hart het plek vir nog katte. Die huis en die erf ook. IMG-20171201-WA0017.jpgDie swart-en-wit orkaantjie het ek uitgesoek en makgespeel. Die tabby-en-wit lady wat letterlik op death row was, het eenvoudig net weer en weer oor ons pad gekom. Ons kan steeds nie glo niemand wou haar hê nie.
  • In Junie was daar die afskeid van ons geliefde Hilde. Amper tien jaar se lief en leed. Henri arboretumVyf jaar se saamleef met die wete van die onvermydelike einde. Die afskeid – die prys van die liefde. (En die professionele deernis van die veearts en sy mense.)
  • ‘n Maandlange reis deur Australië aan die sy van (of eintlik so ‘n tree of twee agter) 20170702_145039.jpgmy onvermoeibare, rotsvaste, kalm man. Ja, dis ‘n vreeslike vervelige land. Maar dis ook vol skoonheid en lieflike mense. Dit was vermoeiend, maar kosbaar. (En die storie van die tand het reeds sy weg gevind in twee publikasies.)
  • Die insluit van my storie Nagmusiek in ‘n bundel met kortverhale uit rooirose het my nie ryk gemaak nie, maar baie plesier verskaf. Die dagboek van LAPA met twee (baie kort!) aanhalings van my werk, was ook ‘n lekker verrassing.
  • En toe kom die liewe Lea. Vermoedelik tien jaar oud, gewoond aan min aandag en IMG-20171223-WA0003.jpgstimulasie en liefde, sag en gedwee. En sy vee ons voete onder ons uit. Sy floreer – en ons floreer. Sy mag dalk selfs die hoogtepunt van die jaar wees.
  • Die konsep van rou kos vir jou hond kom toe onverwags weer oor my pad, na ek tien jaar gelede al daarvan oortuig was, maar nie kans gesien het vir die moeite en die gemors nie. Nou eet Lea Doggobone se voorafbereide, gebalanseerde rou kos. En sy floreer. En dis goedkoper as die veeartskos wat ek die laaste tyd vir Hilde gegee het en waarop ek nie regtig enige verbetering gesien het nie.
  • Saam met Lea en die katte het die wete gekom dat ek nie reg is vir afskaal en kleiner gaan nie. Of die lyf gaan byhou, sal ons maar moet sien. Maar die gees floreer.
  • En dan was dit natuurlik die jaar van die droogte. As Karoo-kind is die konsep om spaarsaam met water te werk, nie vir my vreemd nie. Maar nou funksioneer ons op ‘n heel ander vlak. Elke druppel tel. En ons kom agter mens kan baie goed so leef. Die skrikwekkende situasie het ook sy positiewe kant: dankbaarheid vir wat ons nog altyd as vanselfsprekend aanvaar het, ‘n nuwe bewustheid van die broosheid van ons aarde en hoe ons haar verniel.

Nou is ek moeg. Daar was nog kleiner vreugdes en smarte. Maar my oorheersende ervaring is een van dankbaarheid en die gevoel dat die winste tog meer was as die verliese.


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